Hilary Clinton meets Gilmore

Eamon Gilmore tells us about meetying Hilary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton to Head World Bank?

Reuters claims Hillary Clinton is interested in being the president of the World Bank, but her aides and the White House are denying the story.

Clinton: Ties with Pakistan at turning point

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s grim face at the crucial talks with the Pakistani leaders appears to reflect tension between Islamabad and Washington.

Patti Solis Doyle Sees Similarities Between Clinton, Obama Campaigns

(Chicago, IL) She used to lead Sen. Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but now the Chicago native finds herself with the Obama team.

Hillary Clinton Calls for Global Internet Guidelines

Freedom of the Internet was the key talking point for Hilary Clinton on Tuesday. She said nations will ‘pay price’ for censorship.

McCain Takes Lead; Obama, Clinton Race Is Tight

MTV News – 2008 – McCain Takes Lead; Obama, Clinton Race Is Tight

How GivingBands® helped raise $4000 for missing hiker

Aubrey Sacco went missing in Nepal while trekking. The Sacco family needs support in getting Hillary Clinton’s assistance to persuade agency action in Nepal. Read how one friend of the family and GivingBands® has helped raise $4000 for the cause.

Hillary Clinton anuncia nuevas sanciones de EE.UU. contra Co

La secretaria de Estado norteamericana Hillary Clinton anunció el miércoles nuevas sanciones contra Corea del Norte, dijo que el régimen comunista podría estar planeando otras provocaciones. Clinton se refirió a una serie de medidas destinadas a mejorar…

Clinton: US stands by Iranian protesters

The US Secretary of State has said America stands by opposition supporters in Iran who sought to protest on Monday. Hillary Clinton called on Tehran to grant its citizens the…

Arizona Legal Headline News

Andrew Thomas supports Tom Horne. SB1070 immigration law. Border patrol bust. Hilary Clinton United States model for other nations. http://arizonaLawchannel.com

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